LSHC is posting several of the slide decks used for the recently held 2019 AGM and Landlord Learning and Networking Forum. In some cases, we’ve included links to other material on the topic you find helpful.

  1. Early Bird Presentation provided by Eli Fellman, Counsel, LTB:
  2. LSHC 2019 Annual General Meeting – Link to slide deck
  3. How the Ontario Human Rights Code Impacts Tenant Screening
    • CERA Presentation – slide deck (Please note: LSHC has requested the presentation to post/a response from CERA pending). Additional resources available from the Ontario Human Rights Commission on the topic of Tenant Screening and Selection include:
  4. Landlord Best Practices for Tenant Screening and Selection presented by Jason McGuire: Link to presentation
  5. Ending a Tenancy for Landlord’s Own Use presented by Jane Ferguson: Landlord’s Own Use: What You Need to Know
Early Bird Presentation
AGM: President’s Report