Landlord’s Self-Help Centre (LSHC) is a specialty community legal clinic funded by Legal Aid Ontario that is unique both in terms of clientele and the services it provides. Founded in 1975 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1977, LSHC operates with the mandate of providing education and support services to landlords and homeowners. Thousands of small landlords from across Ontario are assisted every year.

Information, referral and summary advice services are provided to landlords across the province on a full range of issues related to all aspects residential tenancies. LSHC develops, distributes, and maintains learning tools and materials which help the community understand their rights, responsibilities and obligations as housing providers. Law reform initiatives intended to improve the operating environment for small landlords are tackled and community development initiatives, such as a membership program, are fundamental components of LSHC’s work.

The Board of Directors is seeking applications from motivated volunteers to serve as a director and contribute to the organizational goals and activities of LSHC.  The Board of Directors is a well-rounded governance team comprised of volunteers who bring a broad range of competencies, skills and experience. The Board meets monthly to contribute to the strategic management cycle and receive reports on operations at a high level.

We invite applications from candidates who are positive, energetic and able to work cooperatively as part of a team.  Candidates will involve themselves in resource development; community engagement; and commit the time required to serving as a productive member of the Board.  This call specifically seeks those who possess expertise in the area of Human Resources.

The successful candidate will:

  • Develop and implement of a volunteer recruitment strategy;
  • Lead the recruitment process for candidates for Board vacancies including taking the lead on interviews, skill assessment and making recommendations;
  • Develop an orientation process for new board members;
  • Lead the ongoing development and training of board members utilizing pre-existing training material and modules;
  • Responsible for the review and revision of human resource policies and procedures including administration manual; personnel policies; job descriptions; supervision policy; employee performance appraisal; Work/Life Policy; Paralegal Co-op Program; Board Absenteeism Policy, etc.
  • Lead the development of LSHC’s Strategic and Operational Plan;
  • Manage Quality Assurance objectives related to Board performance and lead regular self-evaluation and assessment of meeting productivity and Board performance to evaluate success;
  • Review and monitor the client service measures and feedback and make recommendations for improvement; and
  • Additional tasks and responsibilities which may be identified.

Members of the Board of Directors serve a two year term; are required to attend monthly meetings and participate fully; and they must serve on at least one standing committee. Directors should be prepared to contribute approximately five hours per month. We welcome applications from individuals with previous experience and/or current involvement with non-profit or community-based organizations. Candidates with a background in government relations, public policy or public relations and a strong interest, stake or connection to the residential rental business in Ontario are particularly encouraged.

Please complete the Board Application Form_2017 and return it to LSHC by fax 416-504-1932 or

Please direct inquiries to Susan Wankiewicz, Clinic Director, .

We look forward to hearing from you.