Unfortunately, if you have not received the written order from the Landlord and Tenant Board, it is too early to try to analyze the results of the hearing. Once the written order is received, with the reasons attached, there will be a better sense of where your case’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

Generally speaking, it is much harder to get termination on an N7 than it is on an N5, as the Landlord and Tenant Board sets the evidence bar very high for applications where tenants are not being given an opportunity to stay in the rental unit by correcting their behaviour. It is also much harder to prove deliberate or wilful damage (N7) than it is to prove wilful or negligent damage (N5). 

Finally, relying heavily on photo or video evidence is not a great strategy, as the Board would prefer eyewitness evidence from other tenants in the building who were affected by the behaviour.