First, gather any evidence that you want to present at the hearing such as the Affidavit/Declaration you filed with the Board, maps of the rental unit, pictures or any other evidence that would be relevant to your hearing. You must provide a copy of your evidence to the tenant and the Board.  A copy of all evidence you intend to use for your hearing can be emailed to Board at LTB or you can mail or courier it to the address identified in the Notice of Hearing. For more information on how to submit evidence visit-

If the hearing is for a family member’s own use (i.e., your spouse, child or parent) you should arrange for them to come to the hearing as a witness. This can help in case the adjudicator wants to clarify matters by questioning the person who wishes to occupy the unit in good faith.

Members of the public are welcome to attend LTB video conference hearings using Zoom and may contact the LTB to inquire about access to hearings. Observers are not permitted to disrupt a hearing in any way, and the LTB has the authority to issue directions or orders necessary to control the hearing process. This will give you a general understanding of how a hearing is held and if you find that you are not comfortable representing yourself in front of the Tribunal Member, you can then look into hiring a agent (i.e. paralegal or lawyer) to represent you.

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