Job Description

Director and/or Committee Member


Direct the organization according to its Mission and Bylaws:

  • Formulate goals and objectives of organization.
  • Establish priorities of programs and services (based on funds availability of funds, time limitation and human resources).
  • Keep abreast of community needs and trends so these factors may be reflected in organization policies and programs.
  • Evaluate regularly: policy development, program effectiveness, and Board and Staff performance.

Skills and Qualities:

The Director and/or Committee Member must:

  • have a commitment to and understanding of the purpose, policies and programs of the organization
  • represent the organization in the community
  • serve in a volunteer capacity, without remuneration or profit
  • be able to work and participate within a group.


The Directors and/or Committee Member must:

  • be an active and committed participant in the affairs of the organization;
  • be involved at Board meetings, ask questions, discuss, challenge, participate in decision making, react to ideas, exercise initiative, influence or initiate change;
  • be actively involved on one or more Board committees;
  • know and understand the roles and responsibilities of the Board;
  • participate energetically in recruiting new Committee members;
  • support and participate in fundraising;
  • be aware of changing community trends and client needs;
  • attend training, association, community and staff functions;
  • have a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure;
  • maintain business and client confidentiality;
  • attend meetings regularly and punctual, do your homework if unable to attend meetings.


The benefits for Directors and Committee Members include:

  • TTC tokens provided or parking reimbursement;
  • Shape the direction, priorities and programs of the Centre;
  • Gain practical experience and insight;
  • Refreshments provided at meetings;
  • Annual recognition celebration.
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