Landlord’s Self-Help Centre has recently focused on building our membership. To date, we have approximately 600 members in good standing.

The membership fee is $25 for an annual membership or $150 for a lifetime membership.  These rates became effective January 1, 2008.

Membership Benefits:

The membership program currently offers the following membership benefits and privileges:

  • The Quarterly News – four issues of our newsletter sent to you via email;
  • Email Bulletins – periodic email bulletins to keep you informed of news items, legislative reform and events which impact the small-scale landlord community;
  • Annual General Meetings – as a member you will be invited to the AGM;
  • Volunteer Opportunities – The opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors or as a committee member (subject to certain conditions);
  • Access to the Members’ Lounge – the private area of the web site features corporate information such as:
    • By-laws and Financial Statements
    • Notices and minutes of Annual General Meetings
    • Archive of The Quarterly News
    • Rental Tools which include: a Tenancy Agreement Form, a Rental Application and an Inspection Report
  • Rent Check Credit Bureau waives their membership fees for members of Landlord’s Self-Help Centre

The membership program continues to evolve, new elements and enhancements are added periodically.

Annual Membership ($25 Recurring Annually)
Lifetime Membership ($150 one-time)