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Client Satisfaction Survey
Landlord’s Self-Help Centre measures client satisfaction against service delivery standards we have established for the organization which include access to service; timeliness of service delivery; and client satisfaction with services received.  The information collected through the Client Satisfaction Survey is reported to our funder annually.

Access Survey

Housing Supply Action Plan

The Province is developing a Housing Supply Action Plan to address the barriers getting in the way of new ownership and rental housing and has invited input from all Ontarians.

LSHC will make a submission on behalf of the small landlord community that will:

  • Recommend the government increase the supply of affordable rental housing through new construction and incentive programs;
  • Recommend the playing field be leveled to improve the balance between small landlord and tenant responsibilities
  • Identify specific legislative reforms which would improve the operating environment to retain existing secondary market rental units and encourage the creation of new units.

We have posted a comprehensive online survey to collect a variety of data related to renting and issues small landlords face.  We encourage you to share details of experiences and tell us what incentives would be required for you to create a new secondary unit and what changes are needed to encourage you to continue renting.  You’ll find the LSHC survey at

You’ll find the government consultation paper at

Small Landlord Profile Survey

Landlord’s Self-Help Centre also collects data from the small community on an annual basis to reflect a variety of x which characterized the small landlord community who comprise the secondary rental market Landlord’s Self Help Centre Profile Survey