Law Reform

LSHC law reform activities are identified and driven with the goal of improving the operating environment for the small landlords in Ontario.  Lobby efforts take the form of letters, participation in consultation opportunities, stakeholder meetings, written submissions and petitions.  LSHC engages the client community through online surveys to gather input and feedback which is used inform submissions and law reform activities.


Bill 184 Submission to the OLA Social Policy Committee, June 26, 2020
Second suites


Housing Supply Action Plan Consultation, January 25, 2019


LTB Consultation: Changes to Rules of Procedure and Guidelines,  September 27, 2018

Consultation: Rental Housing Licensing By-law (St. Catharines),  May 30, 2018

Mitigating the Negative Impacts of Extreme Heat in Apartment Buildings (Toronto), May 2, 2018


Proposed Short-Term Rental Regulation Submission, Toronto City Council, December 2017

Proposed Short-Term Rental Regulation, Comments to Director of Policy and Strategic Support, Toronto Municipal Licensing and Standards, October 2017

Bill 124 – An Act to Amend the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 (Rental Fairness Act, 2017), Standing Committee on General Government, May 2017


Ministry of Housing Small Landlord Consultation, June 2016

Civil Enforcement Services Delivery Review, February 2016

Bill 132 – An Act to amend various statutes with respect to sexual harassment, domestic violence and related matters, January 2016


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