Landlord Learning Videos

Landlord’s Self-Help Centre is pleased to share the new series of Landlord Learning Videos which have been in production over the last year.

The video series offer essential information to Ontario’s small landlord client community on a variety of need-to-know topics and issues and will serve as fundamental learning tools for new landlords as well as for those who have been in the business for sometime. We have partnered with several industry experts who appear in videos and share information about their area of expertise to help small landlords learn and better understand the regulatory environment which governs residential tenancies in Ontario. The project was also supported by partners who assisted LSHC with the development and review of the video scripts.

The videos were produced by Landlord’s Self-Help Centre with funding generously provided by Legal Aid Ontario.

Video Directory: 

So, you want to be a landlordEntering the Rental Unit
The Rental Unit – Does it measure up?
Subletting and Assignment
Fire Safety
Ending a Tenancy
Maintaining the Rental Unit
Selling a Rental Property
Finding a Tenant
Landlord and Tenant Board
Tenancy Agreements Tenant Eviction
Second Suites
Tenant Belongings
What About the Rent
Offences and Penalties
Collecting Monies Owed
Bed Bugs
Ontario Human Rights Commission
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