Member and Board Recruitment Policy

  1. Upon the receipt of an application for membership to Landlord’s Self-Help Centre, together with the membership fee (either annual or lifetime), the Executive Director shall initiate the membership by:
    1. Activating online privileges that will
      • permit access to the password protected members’ area of the web site; and
      • include the member on the mass mail “e-list”
    2. Creating a record of the member in the membership database thus ensuring inclusion on all membership lists and correspondence.
  2. Upon activation of a membership and where the member has expressed an interest in volunteering to serve on a committee or at the board level, the member must submit his or her resume to the Board of Directors together with two references.
  3. If the member is volunteering to serve on a committee no further screening action is required.
  4. If the member is seeking a seat on the board of directors:
    1. A satisfactory recommendation from two references must be secured.
    2. Following the receipt of two satisfactory recommendations, the Board of Directors will invite the member candidate to attend two consecutive regularly scheduled monthly meetings.
    3. During the first meeting attended by the member, the Board will appoint a current Director to mentor the candidate. The role of mention is intended to acquaint and instruct the candidate on Landlord’s Self-Help Centre’s policies, procedure, history and to answer any questions or concerns raised by the candidate.
    4. The candidate will not be invited to attend the third meeting. This will give the Board an opportunity to review the candidate as a potential director and determine whether a nomination will be made.
  5. Priority will be given to active board committee members; however, such participation does not guarantee directorship.
  6. The Executive Director will inform the candidate of the nomination or the decision not to nominate as soon after the meeting as possible.
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