Board of Directors Recruitment

Landlord’s Self-Help Centre (LSHC) is accepting applications from individuals interested in volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors.

LSHC is a unique specialty community legal clinic receiving core funding from Legal Aid Ontario to assist small landlords. We are an incorporated non-profit organization that provides information, referral and summary advice services to small landlords province-wide on a broad range of issues related to residential tenancies. We develop and maintain a variety of educational materials, tools and programs that assist our client constituency to learn and understand their rights and responsibilities as housing providers. LSHC also involves itself in law reform activities with the goal of improving the operating environment through legislative reform and create a fair and balanced regulatory system that realigns the rights of landlords and tenants.

The 10-member Board of Directors contributes vision to the strategic management of the organization, is responsible for governance, policy, and performance measurement. It is comprised of individuals who have taken an interest in the organization, who bring a variety of competencies and experience to create a well-rounded governance team, and have a stake or strong interest in the rental business and are familiar with the services provided by LSHC.  Board members serve a two year term; are expected to attend and participate fully in monthly meetings; and serve on at least one committee. Directors should be prepared to contribute a minimum of five hours per month.

LSHC is seeking candidates with knowledge and expertise in the area human resource management, including experience or familiarity with the following:

  • Board recruitment, including interviews, skill assessment and recommendations;
  • Development of an orientation process for new board members and ongoing training and development for sitting board members utilizing pre-existing training material;
  • Participation in the review of human resource policies and procedures including administration manual; personnel policies; job descriptions; supervision policy; employee performance appraisal; etc.
  • Participate in the development of Strategic and Operational Plans;
  • Manage quality assurance objectives related to Board performance and lead regular self-evaluation and assessments of meeting productivity and performance; and
  • Monitor and analyse client service measures and feedback and recommendations for improvement.

The ideal candidate would be positive, energetic and able to work cooperatively as part of a team. It would be an asset for candidates to have experience with non-profit or community-based organizations and/or a connection to the residential rental business in Ontario. Learn more about serving on the Board of the Directors by reviewing our FAQs.

Let us know why you would be a great fit! Send along your resume to: Susan Wankiewicz We look forward to hearing from you!