Fast Facts

  • All new tenants must be given a basic information sheet, “Information for New Tenants”, on or before the tenancy begins – this is the landlord’s responsibility.
  • Does your tenant pay for their own electricity? The rules changed on January 1, 2011 more information …
  • Bed Bugs – arm yourself with the information needed to manage risk and identify a potential bed bug infestation and the necessary steps to effectively manage it and
  • 2015 Annual Rent Increase Guideline: 1.6% link to details
  • 2016 Annual Rent Increase Guideline: 2%
  • Are you exempt from the Rent Increase Guideline? Many new rental property are exempt from the annual rent increase guideline. Is yours? – details on exemption from guideline.
  • 90 days notice is required for a guideline increase. The prescribed Form N1 must be used, forms at:
  • Landlord and Tenant Board fees [link to fees].
  • Interest on the deposit for last month/week’s rent is equal to the rent increase guideline and is payable on the anniversary.
  • Landlords can top up the last month/week’s rent deposits they hold. Simply apply the annual interest to deposit held and send a letter to the tenant informing them that the interest for the last month’s rent has been used to top it up to the current amount of rent.
  • Thinking of implementing a smoke-free policy in your property? More information …
  • Do not assume your tenant will move at the end of their lease. The end of the lease does not mean the tenants will vacate on that date. The tenant may remain in possession and does not have to sign a new lease.
  • If rent is not paid on the due date, the landlord can issue a form N4 as early as the next day!
  • If the tenant does not pay the rent owing as required by the N4, apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board as soon as possible to limit your losses.
  • Tenants are allowed to have pets even though they may have signed a tenancy agreement prohibiting pets.
  • Tenants are allowed to have overnight visitors.
  • Tenant having overnight guests? They are allowed to have guests and do not have to secure your permission.
  • The heating season is Sept. 1st to June 15th; confirm temperature requirement with local municipality.
  • Thinking of filing a claim in Small Claims Court for damage or unpaid rent after the tenant has vacated? Link to Guide to Making a Claim
  • Decisions from the Landlord and Tenant Board, Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and the Courts can be researched online at
  • Are you a condo landlord? The legislation is under review – stay informed
  • Do you have something to say about the law? Let your MPP know and ask that steps be taken to change the law.
  • The Office of Ombudsman investigates complaints and oversees services of 500 provincial ministries,
    Crown corporations, administrative tribunals, agencies, boards and commissions – learn more at
  • The Landlord and Tenant Board publishes Interpretation Guidelines which outline how the Board deals with issues _111691.htm
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