My tenants did serious damages to the house during their 8-year tenancy, including breaking holes in the walls. How can I paint the unit, so that it is more presentable for showings, while the tenants are still there?

You cannot really do maintenance work as involved as painting so close to the end of the tenancy, so you will have to wait until the property is empty before cleaning thoroughly and painting it. During the tenancy, you would have had many opportunities to do a maintenance inspection and raise the problems that you […]

Despite having extensive photographic and video evidence at my hearing of the extensive damage caused by my tenants, I don’t think the adjudicator will rule in my favour. What can I do?

Unfortunately, if you have not received the written order from the Landlord and Tenant Board, it is too early to try to analyze the results of the hearing. Once the written order is received, with the reasons attached, there will be a better sense of where your case’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Generally speaking, it […]

What can I do to prevent tenants from using a washer and dryer in their unit?

The Residential Tenancies Act does not specifically address this issue. There is no sure way of preventing tenants from installing a washer and dryer in their unit. You can include a clause in the tenancy agreement that states the tenant is not allowed to install these appliances in their unit. However, if they install them […]

We have a tenant that left the unit. Our property management team found damaged estimated to be $1,900+ when they inspected the unit. Can we try and claim this from the tenant? Is there any action we can take against the property management?

Since the tenant is no longer in possession of the rental unit, your recourse is to file a claim in Small Claims Court. However, in order to take action you must be able to serve the claim, you’ll need to have the tenant’s new residential address. We cannot advise on whether you can take action […]