The tenant vacated at the end of a one year lease and left the unit extremely dirty. There is no structural damage but it appears he didn’t clean the place once for the entire lease. Is there any other way to recover the cost of cleaning?

To recover the cost of cleaning from the tenant you would have to file a claim in Small Claims Court. The filing fee is $95.00. If you want to pursue this you will need to have the tenant’s new address where he/she can be served with the claim. For more information on the Small Claims […]

My tenants overloaded the washer that’s included with the unit, who repairs it?

Tenants are responsible for any damage they cause either wilfully or through negligence. The problem that landlords face though is being able to prove that the damage was caused wilfully or through negligence. If you can prove that they have caused the problem then you can request that they repair or pay for the cost […]

My tenant signed an agreement to take out and maintain fire, theft, liability and water damage insurance. She let her kitchen sink overflow and it caused a lot of damage to the apartment below. She never got insurance, what can we do?

There is usually no recourse for a landlord when a tenant does not obtain their own insurance even when it’s stated in the tenancy agreement. In your situation, you might have to claim it on your own insurance and ask the tenant to at least pay for the deductible since it seems she caused the […]

My tenant is supposed to look after the lawn but he didn’t and I had to repair it on my own. It cost around $1,600 with materials and labour to repair the damage. How do I prove these amounts are legitimate? How would I find the tenant after he moves?

If your tenant has already moved out, then your recourse would be to file a claim in Small Claims Court but you do have to obtain the tenant’s new residential address. It’s not easy to track down a tenant, and you may have to hire an agency that provides this service. You can search on […]