I hold a $300 damage deposit but cost of repair is more, what can I do?

Since damage deposits are unlawful and since it is an offence (under the RTA a landlord could be fined up to $25,000.00) to charge them I recommend you return that amount, get a receipt and make a full damage claim in Small Claims Court. The issues will be easier to prove with the unit empty […]

I came home one morning to find that our tenant had authorized the installation of a satellite dish. She had not asked us about this. We feel she has compromised our insulation. Can she do this? Can we ask her to take it down? What are our rights?

The law does not make any specific references to satellite dishes. However, if the installation of the dish has resulted in damages to your property, you have the right to claim that from the tenant, especially if they did this without your knowledge. If you cannot come to a resolution with the tenants then legally […]