The most effective way to proceed is to serve the proper notice of early termination which is a Form N5 detailing all of the problems caused by this tenant. If the situation is not corrected within seven days then you will have to file the application with the Landlord and Tenant Board to go to a hearing and have the matter decided by an adjudicator. To ensure that your case is persuasive, you should have other tenants come to the hearing to testify in person about the disturbances, a written statement may not be accepted as proper evidence. The process of eviction can usually take about three to four months and it costs $201 ((in-person filing) and $186 (online through e-File) to file with the Board. Other costs you may incur are the Sheriff’s fees which range from $318-$350 (subject to change). The Sheriff’s fees include a flat fee plus a mileage charge for each kilometer the Sheriff has to travel.

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