I have a tenant who has not paid his rent this month. I have tried to contact my tenant by email and by phone but he has not responded. Should I serve a notice of eviction even though I have not been able to talk to him?

It is your legal right to serve a notice of non-payment of rent which is the N4 form even if you have not talked to the tenant about it. You can serve this notice by handing it to the tenant, sliding it under the door, or placing it in the mailbox among other permitted methods of service. This notice advises the tenant to pay the rent within 14 days or move out. If the tenant is still in possession of the rental unit and has not paid the rent by the termination date stated in the N4, you can file the N4 notice with an L1 application with the Landlord and Tenant Board for an Order to evict the tenant. You can obtain all the forms from the Landlord and Tenant Board’s website at https://tribunalsontario.ca/ltb/forms/#landlord-forms.

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