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Board of Directors Meeting September 28, 2022 Agenda Link: Meeting ID: 832 9123 4483 Passcode: 782008   Item Materials Lead   Constitution of meeting Declaration of potential conflicts of interest 2022 Board work plan LSHC Conflict of Interest Guideline Meeting Chair Approval agenda Meeting Chair Review status of action items     Secretary Approval of minutes Minutes – July 27, 2022  Meeting Chair LAO updates Insurance Policy Renewal Risk Management Policy Funding Model Consultation Executive Director ACLCO updates Conference Oct 28 & 29 (in-person) Executive Director Co-op updates Co-op Board Health & Safety Executive Director Monthly financial board report Balance Sheet: July 2022 Balance Sheet: August 2022 Consolidated Income and Expense Report (All Funds): July 2022 Consolidated Income and Expense Report (All Funds): August 2022 Assessment of Financial Health Treasurer ED report   ED report on clinic activity Progress on strategic objectives Spending Request Executive Director Executive Committee Director Term Status Committee Chair AGM Committee Planning update Draft AGM Agenda Committee Chair Program Development Committee Update Committee Chair Law Reform Committee Update Committee Chair Governance Committee By-Law Update – Meeting TBD Committee Chair HR Committee Welcome Barbara! Committee Chair Sponsorship-Membership Committee Update Committee Chair Round table / feedback on […]

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