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Board of Directors Meeting – Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 6:15 pm Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 874 6818 6981 Passcode: 412278 Please send regrets to Silvana at or 416-602-1163 if unable to attend Agenda Call to Order Call to Order Agenda and Recurring Items Approval of the Agenda 2022 Board Calendar Declaration of Conflicts [Link to LSHC Conflict of Interest Guideline] ED Report: May 2022 Approving Minutes Minutes of last meeting: May 25, 2022 Business from Previous Meeting Jason agreed that he is available to attend with Silvana in person at a TD branch for signing documents to invest $100,000 of Other Source Funds in a GIC product; Jason will report on future dates once he meets with Dev; Tory will email Sam to propose that the Program Development Committee meet to discuss the planning for the AGM;  HR Committee will review the applications received for the Ed position; and Jason to start the tender process and obtain three quotes from recruiting agencies. Monthly Financial Board Report: May 2022 Balance Sheet: May 2022 Consolidated Income and Expense Report (All Funds): May 2022 General Income and Expense Report  (LAO Funds) May 2022 Assessment of Financial Health: What is our negative income […]

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