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Membership/Sponsorship Committee  Terms of Reference: Purpose The purpose of the Membership/Sponsorship Committee is to monitor, assess, advise and make recommendations for implementation by the Board and management with respect to the LSHC’s overall membership strategy, with the ultimate goal being to increase recruitment and retention of members to the LSHC. Accountability The Committee will be responsible to the LSHC Board on the Committee’s activities and shall report to the Board on its discussions and highlight key decision points and any recommendations. Functions The Membership/Sponsorship Committee shall have responsibility with respect to the following aspects of the LSHC’s overall membership strategy:  Recruiting and encouraging people to become members of the LSHC, including through recruitment drives and proposing incentives for increasing membership;Educating members on the requirements and benefits of membership; Evaluating and making recommendations with respect to categories of membership and their associated fees;Monitoring and evaluating trends in membership, and evaluating the effectiveness of recruitment and retention activities;Engaging the membership to promote the LSHC; Evaluating members’ satisfaction with LSHC services; Providing recommendations to the Board as to how to best to serve the membership; and Partnering with other committees as appropriate on matters of common interest (e.g. sponsorship).  Membership The Committee shall consist of a minimum […]

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