My parents are landlords and have a hearing, they cannot speak English. Would the Landlord and Tenant Board provide interpreters for non-English speakers?

The Board does not provide an interpreter unless it is for French Language services. Information from the Landlord and Tenant Board website,, appears below: “Does the Board supply an interpreter at hearings?” The Board will only supply an interpreter at a hearing for two reasons: 1. to provide French language service to a party if: • the rental unit in the application is in an area of the province designated by the French Languages Services Act; or, • the party making the request for French languages services lives in a designated area. 2. to provide a sign language interpreter for a party who is hearing impaired. If you need an interpreter for one of these reasons, you should let the Board know as soon as possible. If these reasons do not apply to you but you would prefer to have an interpreter with you at the hearing, then you will have to get someone to interpret for you at your hearing. This may be: • someone you know that speaks both your native language and English, who would be willing to help you at your hearing, or • it could be an interpreter that you hire to interpret for you at your hearing.” I suggest you contact a community agency through or by calling 211 to help you find an interpreter.

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