Frequently Asked Questions

Your first stop for self-help is a review of our FAQs. Take a look at the ever increasing collection of questions asked by Ontario’s small-scale landlords as well as the actual answers provided by Landlord’s Self-Help Centre.

Once the tenant moves out owing rent, utilities and/or damages the landlord can file an Application called an Application to Collect Money a Former Tenant Owes.You can use this application (Form L10) only if the tenant has already moved out of the rental unit and you want to obtain an order for what is owe to you.

In this case you have the option of filing an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board to obtain an Order for arrears of rent only. The form required is an L9 and you can only file this application with the Board as long as the tenant is still in possession of the unit. Once the tenant has moved out, you cannot apply with an L9 application, it will be an L10 application.

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