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Unfortunately, this will not be possible. You do not have to use the tenants’ written submissions (letters) or call the tenants as witnesses, but if you do, the tenant has the right to know who they are, and to cross-examine them if necessary. The Board is bound by certain rules that do not allow evidence to be given in secret. Because of this, the other tenants may be reluctant to get involved.

A landlord who lives in the same rental property as the tenant may serve the tenant with a Form N5 – Notice to End your Tenancy For Interfering with Others, Damage or Overcrowding if the tenant harasses them. This is a 20 day termination notice that allows the tenant a seven day period to correct the problems. If the tenant does not correct the problem, the landlord can apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board to terminate the tenancy.

Provided the superintendent lives on the same property as the tenant, then the Form N5 would be the notice to use in this case.

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